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Wadsworth Waterfowl Wisconsin Goose Hunts

Hunting·License required
Hager City, Wisconsin, United States
Hunting adventure
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At Wadsworth Waterfowl our hunts are designed to bring you the best opportunity at shooting geese. Our prime location, hundreds of miles scouting, years of expertise, and relentless hours of hard work are accolades to a successful hunt. This package includes scouting, planning, set up of decoy spread and blinds, experienced calling, and extensive hours of research to this area.


Gun & ammo.

12 gauge recommended

B or BB; nontoxic or steel shot

At least 2 boxes of shells per day

Modified choke recommended 


Outer layer should be camo or solid dark color. Bring white as well if it is snowy (e.g. a white hat), but make sure to bring camo/dark colors regardless.

Boots & waders.

Bring insulated waterproof boots in case of muddy terrain. We will possibly be hunting water, so bring waders just in case.

Dress for conditions.

We highly recommend dressing in lots & lots of layers. Many times the morning is colder and we end up shedding layers throughout the day. You’re better off to be overdressed than underdressed. For fall and winter hunts, we recommend a couple pairs of warm gloves, dark/camo hat, and a warm dark/camo neck gaiter. 


Be prepared to walk into the field in the dark with anything you bring. We are also happy to help carry stuff and accommodate.

head lamp

blind bag

hand & feet warmers

Food & snacks.

For now, we aren’t providing food. Again, it’s better to overpack than under pack! If we limit out early on, we will usually go out for breakfast or lunch at a local diner.

a few beverages 



lots of snacks

lots & lots of coffee


Small Game License

State Waterfowl Stamp

Federal Waterfowl Stamp

Regular Goose Permit


License Required
This trip requires a hunting license from Wisconsin, United States

Obtain License


Exact location provided after booking.
Hager City, Wisconsin, United States
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