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Final Flight Waterfowl Hunt w/ Lodging

Hunting·License required
Lubbock, Texas, United States
Hunting adventure
Up to 0 guests·Contact Us

$400/day per gun

2 day minimum

4 person min to book, 16 max

8 person min to book private party


Arrive Monday evening, hunt Tuesday and Wednesday

Arrive Wednesday evening, hunt Thursday and Friday

Arrive Friday evening, hunt Saturday and Sunday

3 day hunts available upon request

We specialize in crane and goose hunts.

We offer premier guided goose hunting in the prime waterfowl wintering grounds in the panhandle of Texas. Hunts are most often performed out of A-Frame blinds over dry fields.

Our sandhill crane hunts are arguably the best crane wintering grounds in the nation. Birds usually enter our area in October and will remain until the migration moves back north in February. We hunt over full body Deception Decoys, SX Decoys and over Divebomb Industries silhouettes. These hunts are most often performed out of A-Frame blinds. Our 4 group minimum ensures an enjoyable hunt as 3 birds is the limit for Crane. We recommend BB-2 shot shell or up to 4 shot if using lead.

In the note section at checkout please specify which species you would prefer to hunt. 


License Required
This trip requires a hunting license from Texas, United States

Obtain License


Exact location provided after booking.
Lubbock, Texas, United States
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