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Racknine Outdoors Kentucky

Licensed outfitter
Cromwell, Kentucky, United States


Racknine Outdoors' farms are located in Todd, Grayson, Ohio and Butler Counties and totaling 2300 acres of QDMA managed crop fields (corn/soybeans), hardwoods, sawtooth oak orchards, CRP, food plots, and creek bottom ground. Kentucky deer hunting has been a well-kept secret, but the secret is out! In the last 10 years, the popularity of Kentucky for world-class bucks and turkey has grown tremendously. Search results show Kentucky is consistently listed in the top 10 US states to hunt. Wideopen Spaces puts Kentucky in the #1 spot; Realtree's Antler Nation gave Kentucky an "A". Realtree also has ranked Kentucky as the #2 state from Where the Biggest Booner Bucks Are Coming from Now. Kentucky ranks 2nd in QDMA'S top five for greatest antlered buck harvest.Turkey hunting in Kentucky is also ranked as one of the top Eastern Turkey hunting hot spots. Kentucky has one of the longest combined turkey seasons anywhere! Racknine Outdoors, goal is to provide a relaxing atmosphere with great hunting and unforgettable southern hospitality. You'll arrive as a hunter, but leave as a hunting friend! Racknine Outdoors offers prime guided hunts that are 100% fair chase/free range and 100% wild Whitetail Deer, Eastern Turkey, and Waterfowl in beautiful South Alabama, and Western Kentucky. We also offer Feral Hog hunts in Alabama. Racknine Outdoors being a Western Kentucky Deer Hunting Outfitter we pride ourselves in being a management area, in order to ensure our guests have the opportunity to hunt and harvest mature bucks! There's not only great wildlife to hunt, but also a plethora of fish to catch in our Ponds, Sloughs, Lakes, and Rivers. All hunting packages include meals, lodging, and catch and release fishing! Meals will be provided for and consist of a delicious continental breakfast, lunch, and Southern cuisine buffet style family dinner. Terry Garrett founded Racknine Outdoors in 2007​ in Union Springs, Alabama. Through the years, Racknine has worked to enhance wildlife and establish fair chase practices in Illinois and Missouri with Alabama always being the foundation. In 2017, Racknine expanded it's business operations to include Western Kentucky. Today Racknine Outdoors operates in Alabama and Kentucky with new locations being scouted on a continual basis.5 Star Food & Lodging without the 5 Star Price Tag. At Bryant creek we have a 3700 sqft custom designed lodge with the hunter in mind you will find relaxing comes easy at Racknine Outdoors.Providing our Clients a with a quality, successful, and memorable hunt is what gives us here at Racknine Outdoors Satisfaction.
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