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Your guide to Waterfowl hunting in Utah

Mallard Bay: The Fastest Way to Book Your Utah Guided Waterfowl Hunt

Utah, home of the Great Salt Lake and some of the most unique landscapes to waterfowl hunt in the world. Located on the western side of the Central Flyway and the eastern side of the Pacific Flyway, Utah’s geographic location captures a wide range of migrating waterfowl each and every year. With such a large area filled with new opportunities for all Utah Waterfowl Hunters, locating the best place to hunt can become a tedious task. This is where Mallard Bay becomes a crucial tool for Waterfowl Hunters to learn more about places to Waterfowl Hunt in Utah.

Mallard Bay has made it easier than ever for new generations of Utah Waterfowl Hunters to learn the tips and tricks of Utah Waterfowl Hunting from seasoned Utah Waterfowl Guides. These exhilarating Utah Guided Waterfowl Hunts can all be viewed and booked with several easy steps directly through Mallard Bay.

Utah Guided Waterfowl Hunting Outfitters

The draw of Utah Waterfowl Hunting goes beyond just Waterfowl Hunting on the Great Salt Lake. As these birds fly south from Canada, chasing the East and West side of the Rockies, many Utah Waterfowl Hunters will focus on the plethora of reservoirs and thousands of acres of premier fields that host large amounts of migrating waterfowl . Many seasoned Utah Waterfowl Hunters use Mallard Bay to book one-of-a-kind Utah Guided Waterfowl Hunts with our network of Trusted Utah Waterfowl Hunting Guides. Our network of guides span across the entire State, from the Great Salt Lake to the sloughs of the many rivers that shape the Utah landscape. Allowing everyday people to easily book a guided waterfowl hunt with the #1 Waterfowl Outfitters in Utah. Our Trusted Utah Waterfowl Outfitters offer exclusive Guided Duck and Guided Goose Hunts only found on Mallard Bay.

The Guided Waterfowl Outfitters at Mallard Bay spend months preparing, watching and studying the movement of waterfowl across the Central and Pacific Flyway. These Top-Notch Guides become local experts on where the birds are in Utah, what pushed them into the area and what their daily patterns are. Guided Utah Waterfowl Hunts create a chance for novice and experienced hunters alike to shoot mallards, teal, canada geese, specklebelly geese and other migratory birds across the reservoirs of Utah. Whatever species fuels your obsession with Utah Waterfowl Hunting, Mallard Bay makes it that much easier to find and book an Utah Waterfowl Guide, with hundreds of Trusted Waterfowl Hunting Outfitters available.

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Ready to book your next guided waterfowl hunt in Utah? No matter the species you hunt, Mallard Bay makes it easy for all Waterfowl Hunters to book a vetted Guided Waterfowl Hunt. We offer a wide array of Trusted Utah Duck Outfitters and Trusted Utah Goose Outfitters all across the State that provide one-of-a-kind guided waterfowl hunts. If you are looking to book your Guided Waterfowl Hunt in Utah click here to see our list of Trusted Outfitters.

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