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"TAG Louisiana" Redfish tag and release Trip

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Theriot, Louisiana, USA
Fishing adventure
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Rojo Charters participates in TAG Louisiana tagging program. "TAG Louisiana is a joint program

between RFRI and the Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana. Since its inception in 1985, program volunteers have tagged more than 300,000 fish and reported more than 15,000 recaptures. The two main objectives of TAG Louisiana are: (1) to establish a sound marine sport fish tag and recapture program utilizing a diverse cooperative program specifically designed to employ and educate anglers, and (2) to improve our understanding of marine sport fish movements, patterns of habitat use and population dynamics." 

As a part of this trip package, Rojo Charters will donate as follows:

 TAG Louisiana - $50.00

Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana - $50.00

Recreational Fisheries Research Institute - $50.00

Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana - $50.00

$200.00 per trip will be donated to Non-profits that make major impacts in their own way.


License Required
This trip requires a fishing license from Louisiana, USA

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Theriot, Louisiana, USA
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