Where to Hunt During Conservation Snow Goose Season


Garrett Shackelford

Jan 13, 2023·3 mins read
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Snow Goose Hunting

Spring snow goose season is often overlooked by many waterfowl hunters. By the time regular season has come to an end many outdoorsmen and women are in need of a break from being on the road. Another reason several people skip out on the spring conservation season, is the challenges brought by snow goose hunting. Most people will say the odds of having success are too low for all the work that goes into hunting snow geese. Mother nature can play a major role in spring conservation season as well. Due to it being spring the ag fields can get extremely muddy and hard on gear during the season.

With conservation snow goose season comes many perks for the hunter. Some of these perks include no daily bag limits, no limit of shells in your shotgun, and using e-collars. The reason is at this time there are too many snow geese and not enough land in to keep up with current waterfowl numbers. They are especially damaging spring reproductive areas for themselves and other waterfowl. Due to the nature of snow geese they are currently being heavily impacted by the current spike in avian influenza. Explore & book Snow Goose Hunts today!

Arkansas Snow Goose Hunts:

Feb-April. Arkansas is famed for its spring conservation hunts, and from personal experience I can attest to this. Being the 2nd biggest rice producer in the country, it is prime habitat for these geese. Here are a few great Arkansas snow goose outfitters that have been vetted through MallardBay. 

Missouri Conservation Hunting Trips

Feb-April. Known for its area in the “bootheel”  , this area is truly unique. With tons of agricultural land and its prime location in the Mississippi flyway and bordering Kansas. This area is a mecca for hundreds of thousands of snow geese during their reverse migration. These are a few Missouri snow goose outfitters

Kansas Snow Goose Hunting

There are many opportunities around the country to hunt these geese. Kansas, is a great option for those looking for hunts with big spins of snow geese and high levels of action. Here is a list of areas and guide services that offer these conservation snow goose hunts in Kansas.

Nebraska Spring Goose Hunts

Nebraska is known for being a staging ground for waterfowl migrating through the central flyway. With the major factor being the infamous Platte river. The Platter river is known for shallow water, several sandbars, and short flights to farm land for feeding. Check out some of our vetted conservation snow goose guides in Nebraska.

New York Snow Goose Hunts

An extremely overlooked location for hunting during any type of waterfowl hunting, let alone conservation snow goose hunting. However, if you are looking for a guide conservation snow goose hunt later in the season one of our vetted guides in New York might be a perfect fit for you and your group.

North + South Dakota Conservation Hunts

North Dakota & South Dakota are some of the most well known states for waterfowl hunting. A hunt you should add to your bucket list is conservations snow goose hunting in North or South Dakota. Below you can check out our conservation snow goose guides in the Dakota's

Snow Goose Recipes

If you are lucky enough to get out in the field and successfully harvest snow geese, make sure to check out our following recipes:

Conservation snow goose season can be an absolute treat for any outdoorsman or woman. Yes, it defiantly has its challenges and requires you to own the correct gear for success. If you would like to experience a snow goose hunt, but don't know where to start I'd recommend you go on a guided conservation hunt. Our vetted guides take the hassle out of finding success in the field with owning the proper gear and several years of experience under their belt.


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