Field Quarter Waterfowl

Field Quarter Waterfowl

Licensed outfitter
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Alberta, Canada, boasts fantastic goose hunting opportunities that attract hunters from all over. Situated along major migratory flyways, the province welcomes an abundant population of Canada geese during their annual migrations. This abundance of geese provides hunters with ample chances to pursue these majestic birds. The diverse landscape of Alberta, including agricultural fields, wetlands, and river valleys, offers varied hunting locations, catering to different hunting styles and preferences.

As many waterfowlers layer up and head out for late season hunts we’re already looking forward to early fall on the Canadian prairies where tennis shoes and t-shirts are a daily staple to start. Mild temperatures welcome hunters and birds alike to the farmlands of beautiful Alberta starting September 1st. The destination’s combination of weather, scenery, and thousands of birds makes for an unforgettable experience. Many of theses birds have never seen a human, much less a decoy before, so they readily succumb to our efforts afield.

Big straps of ducks and geese are commonplace before the noon-time hour arrives every day. Following the hunter’s harvest pictures there is always a hearty lumberjack-style brunch and hot coffee to welcome hunters back to the lodge. After brunch hunters retreat to the living room to relax in front of the TV or head off down the hall to their rooms for a big nap. After naps our hunters enjoy hors d'oeuvres in the common area before heading back to the fields for their evening shoots. Post evening hunts our hunters return to a big home-style dinner and delicious desserts that are sure to satiate even the biggest appetites.

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