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Eaglehead Outdoors South Dakota Conservation Hunt

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Aberdeen, South Dakota, United States
Hunting adventure
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First and foremost when booking a hunt with Eaglehead Outdoors our goal is to provide you with the best snow goose experience. Once you book, you will hunt with either Nick, Matt, Chip, Adam, Mark or Bob. The typical day consist of meeting about an hour prior to shooting time (which is half hour before sunrise) and hunt until around noon. After the morning hunt we break for lunch for a couple hours. Then we usually meet back at the field for the evening hunt which lasts til half hour after sunset. Over the pass years we have been averaging around 20 to 30 birds per day, with some days close to or above 100 birds. However keep in mind like in all types of hunting there is always a few slow days that don't get above the single digits. That is why we strongly suggest booking for at least three days to give you the best opportunity at the monster shoot. With this said we provide the best snow goose hunting adventure possible and always a memorable experience! -Eaglehead Outdoors


The #1 Rule is Safety: While we are in the decoys, we require all hunters to have their guns on safety until told otherwise. Guns will not be loaded until the guides instruct you to. Also the guide will tell you you’re shooting lanes and that is where you will shoot. We will have birds landing but will not be shooting any on the ground.

Additional Info:

State of Missouri requires Hunter's Education Certificate

$40.00 hunting license

Shotgun 12 or 10 gauge (no plug required)

Clothing: Warm and cold weather clothes. It's the spring and you could be in weather as warm as 70 or cold as 0. Gore-Tex is the clothing of choice for snow geese hunting. Come prepared for anything. Rain, Snow, or Shine we'll be in the blind.

Shotgun shells: 2 3/4 - 3 1/2 inch; 2's or BB's are the most common load

3 boxes of shells per day of hunting

Digital camera to capture the memories

Coolers for your birds(we offer bird cleaning for $15/hunter/day)

Camouflage Face Mask is a must!!!!

You guides work extremely hard for you as hunters! The spring is a long grueling season! They like to kill birds just as bad as you do! Standard gratuity is 15%-20% for hard work!


License Required
This trip requires a hunting license from South Dakota, United States


Exact location provided after booking.
Aberdeen, South Dakota, United States
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