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Cajun Outfitters Louisiana Trophy Gator Hunt

Hunting·License required
Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, USA
Hunting adventure
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The hunt takes place by us going out in the swamp trying to locate a trophy gator. After the you and your guide locate a shooter gator, we will either treble hook him with on the bottom and fight him until we get a shot, or shoot them on open water. This hunt can take two days, or 30 minutes. It’s wild gators and hunting, so can we can never say exactly how long the hunt will take. We typically get in a boat and hunt through the swamp until we see a gator we are looking for. We are the only outfitter where we go out and specifically hunt for a trophy.

The reason our target for the hunt is over 9ft because once they get to that size, their head size is only 1 inch difference per foot, which makes it hard to judge when on the water. We often shoot 9ft gators whose heads are bigger than 10 1-2 foot.

We are no kill no pay with 100% success rate. The hunt is 3 days/2 nights. This price includes lodging and meals. We pride ourselves for consistently killing the biggest wild alligators in the country. With over 60,000 acres in the Atchafalaya Basin Swamp and the limited number of Louisiana tags given out, our gators have very little hunting pressure. We are able to scout, pick out and selectively harvest mature bull gators 20+ years old . Last year we harvested 95 gators with 10 ‘5 average. Along with the hunt, we guarantee a great Cajun experience with tons of hospitality, great food, and unbeatable scenery. We provide the best Cajun cuisine they have to offer here in south Louisiana. You can expect to see 40-50+ gators a day. Our guest will stay on newly renovated houseboats overlooking the swamp. Guest also have option to fish during the day and bow fishing at night. You can keep everything with your gator. Meat, skull, and hide. Our goal is to make this an experience you will never forget.

Not included:

•$150 out of state license

•processing fee $15-30 per foot depending on type of mount you are wanting

•alcoholic beverages

•non shooting/killing guest $600


License Required
This trip requires a hunting license from Louisiana, USA

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Exact location provided after booking.
Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, USA
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