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Longneck Texas Crane/Goose Hunts

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Abernathy, Texas, United States
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Our hunts take place over an 8 county area in the southern Texas panhandle. Our headquarters is located in Lubbock, TX but we follow the birds as they shift from one area to another. We try to hunt as many new areas as possible to ensure quality hunting throughout the entire season. All crane hunting takes place in the morning. This gives us ample time to locate the next day's fields. We do hunt water on occasion, but it is dependent on the overall water sources available.

We believe in putting our sportsman on the best hunt that's available. If geese are what's there, that's we will hunt! But in our area, cranes and geese are the most abundant so that's our expected target.

We provide decoys, dogs, blinds, and calling. Our spread consists of Deception Decoy full body cranes. We use A-frame style blinds to keep you comfortable and hidden. We use only the best equipment to increase your chances of a successful hunt. We pride ourselves on getting the birds up close and in your face. Check out the FAQs page for more info on hunts.

We prefer 6-12 hunters per hunt to insure a quality hunt. We have harvested 3,000+ sandhill cranes in the last two seasons. It is also possible to shoot a few bonus geese or ducks during crane hunts. Sandhill’s are big, tough birds and can carry a lot of shot, so we recommend BB-#2 shot for these bad boys. Shots can range from less than 10 yards to 35-40 yards. 

We charge $5 per bird for cleaning, vacuum sealing and proper tagging. You are more than welcome to take and clean your own birds but leaving a wing attached and proper disposal is mandatory. We are not responsible for birds if you choose to take them.


License Required
This trip requires a hunting license from Texas, United States

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Abernathy, Texas, United States
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