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Dry Land Outfitters | Sandhill Crane Hunt

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Tahoka, Texas, USA
Hunting adventure
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$350 PER GUN PER DAY Includes:

Guided morning hunt in a comfortable blindAll hunters are asked to assist in setting up and tearing down decoys

*We require a minimum of 6 to book a hunt*

*50% Deposit Required at The Time of Booking*

*It is standard to tip your guides 10-15% of the overall price of the hunt* *

If you are a Single Hunter looking for a group we have Tuesdays and Wednesdays available in December for you. Please call 225-831-8211 for information.

Dry Land Outfitters is a premier hunting outfitter located in Tahoka, Texas, offering an exhilarating sandhill crane hunting experience. With a commitment to providing exceptional hunts, Dry Land Outfitters caters to hunters who may not have a group of six but still want to participate in this thrilling adventure.

For the convenience of individual hunters, Dry Land Outfitters organizes mixed group hunts, allowing hunters to join others who share the same passion for sandhill crane hunting. Priced at an affordable rate of $350 per hunter, this package ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and enjoy the hunt, regardless of group size.

To ensure availability and accommodate the demand, Dry Land Outfitters has specific dates scheduled each week for hunters to book. Once a minimum of six hunters have paid for a specific date, it will be officially booked, guaranteeing that the hunt will take place. However, the outfitter also welcomes up to a maximum of ten hunters per hunt, allowing for a diverse and exciting hunting experience.

At Dry Land Outfitters, the sandhill crane hunting experience is characterized by professionalism, safety, and expertise. The outfitter employs experienced guides who possess extensive knowledge of the local area, the behavior of sandhill cranes, and the most effective hunting techniques. They ensure that all hunters have a rewarding and memorable experience while prioritizing their safety throughout the entire adventure.

With its convenient mixed group hunts, affordable pricing, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Dry Land Outfitters in Tahoka, Texas, is the ideal destination for hunters looking to engage in sandhill crane hunting without the requirement of booking a full group. Embark on an unforgettable hunting journey and create lasting memories with fellow enthusiasts in the beautiful wilderness of Texas.


License Required
This trip requires a hunting license from Texas, USA

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Exact location provided after booking.
Tahoka, Texas, USA
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