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Cleburne, Texas, USA
Hunting adventure
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We are located in prime hunting country right on the Brazos River in Cleburne, TX. Just south of the Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW) area, 4G River ranch rests right in Johnson County. With about a mile of river frontage, a stocked 2 acre pond, natural springs and cacti emerging from every corner, this property provides the perfect land for many animals. Native and exotic hunting roams on this terrain. Whether it is sit and stalk, blind hunting or out in the UTV, we are dedicated to providing all hunters with an unforgettable hunting experience and harvesting your next trophy.



-Kid friendly

-Private experience

-Hunter may choose to leave or take meat

-Guide provides gutting of animal

Hunts include:

A semi-guided evening hunt. Hunters may choose to rifle, pistol or bow hunt.

Hog hunts are 4:30pm-dark and hunters may hunt as many hogs as possible during that time.

Hunts may include traditional blind hunting, spot and stalk and/or UTV (or a mix). Our

goal is to get you the opportunity to shoot & have a great time!

What to bring:

Hunting attire, rifle (no less than a .243 zeroed in at 100 yards) or bow, ammo, cooler

suitable to transport your harvest, valid Texas Hunting License, and Hunters Safety


What to expect:

Every hunt we offer is an evening hunt. We meet all hunters at the ranch gate at 3:30-4:30pm.

Hog hunts are 4:30pm-dark and as many hogs as you can get during that time.If you are interested in staying in the area, there are a few hotels (10-12 minutes away) we recommend to hunters. There is a local processing place down the road that we recommend, if you are needing one in the area.Expect to have a great time & make lots of memories!


Book your hunt for only one day. Even though you may be hunting multiple animals and/or hunting for multiple days, please choose the FIRST day of your hunt. We will communicate with you about other days/the length of your hunt after booking. If you choose multiple days, the system expects you are hunting your hunt of choice each day. For example, if you select a Texas Dall and Corsican ram hunt from Jan 12-13, it will think you are hunting two rams each day on the ranch. Therefore, when selecting dates, choose the date you will arrive to the ranch/FIRST day of your hunt.

Species Available:

Wild Hog: $300

Whitetail Doe: $350

Catalina: $1750 + $250 guide fee

Mouflon: $2500 + $250 guide fee

Red Sheep: $3500 + $250 guide fee

Blackbuck (18-20inches): $3850 + 250 guide fee

Axis: 3850 + 250 guide fee

Fallow: $3850 + $250 guide fee

EXOTIC RAMS RANGE FROM $850-$3500. Below are just some mid prices but we can always work with your budget.

Texas Dall: $1750 + $250 guide fee

Black Hawaiian: $1750 + $250 guide fee

Corsican: $1750 + $250 guide fee

Painted Desert: $1750 + $250 guide fee

Jacob Four Horn: $1750 + $250 guide fee


License Required
This trip requires a hunting license from Texas, USA

Obtain License


Exact location provided after booking.
Cleburne, Texas, USA
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