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Bashan Ranch Texas Meat Hunts

Hunting·License required
Dilley, Texas, United States
Hunting adventure
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The Golden Triangle of Texas includes Dimmit, Lasalle, Maverick, Zavala, and Webb County. Dimmit has the highest number of B&C entries per square mile and any place in the world! Bashan's Ranch is located right on Dimmit and LaSalle County, only 15 Miles West of Dilley, Texas. Owner John Bashan is an enthusiastic hunter who enjoys leading others to harvest the game of their dreams. Bashan's Ranch is designed to be a productive yet beautiful game ranch, we have what it takes to enjoy a safe and successful hunt for you, groups, friends, or blinds can be accommodated. Fun times, memories, family, friends and relaxation are a way of life at Bashan's Ranch! COME JOIN US!

Meat Hunts

Whitetail doe $725

Axis (Doe) $725

Black Buck (Doe) $850

Fallow (Doe) $1,500 and up

Axis (Spikes) $1,000


License Required
This trip requires a hunting license from Texas, United States

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Dilley, Texas, United States
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