Loma Colorada Hunting Lodge

Loma Colorada Hunting Lodge

Licensed outfitter
Tamaulipas I, Tamaulipas, Mexico


Duck hunting in Mexico should be at the top of every waterfowl hunters bucket list. The combination of very liberal limits, low hunting pressure, and the incredible volume of North American Ducks that spend the winter here, make duck hunting in Mexico, the ultimate wing shooters get away.  

Whether your goal is to shoot more ducks in 3 days than you would in an entire season at home, or to harvest fully plumed out red heads, pintails, and teal for your trophy room, a duck hunt in Mexico will not disappoint. 


Duck, dove, and quail hunting in Mexico is the ultimate winter escape. With an average January temperature of 75 degrees, you can expect to do most of your hunting in a t shirt or light sweatshirt.  

Whether you are entertaining corporate guests, taking a family vacation, or are a group of friends looking for that hunt of a lifetime, our lodge will custom cater to your every need.

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