Louisiana Bluewater Charter

Louisiana Bluewater Charter

Licensed outfitter
Venice, Louisiana, United States


We’re as proud to be Gulf water fishermen as anyone from around these parts could be, and there is nothing we love more than sharing our passion with fellow sportsmen. Groomed by the most respected and recognized local charter fishing teams, our entire crew has the mindset, skills, and knowledge it takes to operate a successful Louisiana fishing charter. Being from Louisiana, we also know our way around a party or two and are always up for showing our guests a great time.

From dock to deep water, from sunrise to sunset, every moment of your guided fishing trip is designed to ensure that you and your group catch fish and have a great time doing so. We’ve gone overboard to make sure your every fishing fantasy is met using the industry’s best gear and top-of-the-line Freeman boats.

The Gulf of Mexico is known for fertile fishing waters year-round, so you can book a charter trip for any season! We are located in Venice, Louisiana. With off-shore fishing charters, in-shore fishing charters, and combination charter trips available, we’re sure we can create the perfect fishing excursion for you!


With world-class fishing in our backyard, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of charter fishing companies in the Venice area. What sets us apart from our competitors?

-We’re always up for adventure.

-We know the best places to fish around here at any time of the year, which is why we proudly offer fishing charters year-round.

-We’ve got the perfect charter for everyone.

-With off-shore, in-shore, and combo charters available, it’s easy to build your perfect charter experience.

-We’ve got your housing covered.

-We offer convenient lodging options at our houseboats right on the water!

-We’ve caught some crazy fish!

-We’re long-time local experts.

-Our fishing guides and captains lean on decades of local experience to provide the best fishing experience for you!

-We use premium gear.

-From extensively equipped top-of-the-line Freeman boats to high-grade bait and tackle, we take advantage of some of the best equipment in the industry.

-We love what we do.

That’s why we do it! We’re here to share the fun, adventure, and love of fishing with you!

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