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Welcome to the Enchanted Pond Wilderness andMaine's Moose River Valley

Evenings bring the howl of the coyote, and the trout rise before breakfast. You'll breathe in the deep aroma of the balsam fir and take in the panorama of a wilderness lake, sandwiched between endless forest and cobalt skies. It's almost a certainty to see the impressive sight of a moose stepping out from the forest edge, or a bear in our camp yard.

As you sit on the camp porch and look out at Coburn Mountain, you'll begin to realize how privileged we are to be here exploring this wilderness, because beyond the forest in front of you is one that is just a little bit deeper, a glacial pond that's just a little bit clearer, with a trout rising in it that's just a little bit bigger.

Our specialties are guided fly fishing trips for trout and salmon in the world-class waters near our camp, as well as wing shooting trips for grouse and woodcock. We can also take you fishing on one of the many of Maine's lakes and ponds in our Maine Freighter and Scott canoes. These traditional guide boats provide a stable, comfortable fishing platform while allowing us to get into those "hard to reach places."

We're Off the Grid

Our off-grid camp is eight miles from the nearest paved road. It is truly surrounded by nature, and sometimes the only sounds are the wind in the trees, the crackling of the fire, and the deep breathing of sleeping pointing dogs, tired from a long day of chasing grouse.

Our specialties are guided fly fishing trips for trout and salmon in the world-class waters near our camp, as well as wing shooting trips for grouse and woodcock.

Your trip will be catered to your specifications. Usually, you'll hunt or fish in the morning and evening, with a lunch in the field. We'll return to our lodge afterwards to share a hearty meal, a glass of good spirits, and dynamic conversations or exaggerated tales told by the fire.

We have canoes on site for you to use. Bring your ATV or snowmobile, as there are plenty of trails within easy reach of the camp.

We'd love to have you visit!

We are very family friendly! Please consider bringing your spouse or kids. We'd be happy to have them, and as parents ourselves we have the patience to instruct the little ones and make it fun for them as well. Canoeing, raspberry and blueberry picking, waterfalls, swimming holes, snowshoeing and scenic views are all readily available.

Trip Information

Always expect to have an enjoyable trip, as our guides will do their best to make the trip what you want it to be.

All food, bedding and lodging is provided on our hunting and fishing trips. Bring your clothing and gear, we provide the rest.

We ask that you check the applicable laws ahead of time on the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife website and familiarize yourself with the regulations. We always follow the law and we expect the same of our clients. The laws can be found at

Fishing Trips

For fishing trips, expect to hike to remote fishing spots on a river, or a quiet canoe paddle on a wilderness pond while casting to rising trout. Our camp is close to many great fishing locations, including the Dead and upper Kennebec Rivers. We will tailor the trip to your choice of species and level of difficulty. Whether you want to fish from sunrise to sunset, or have a leisurely breakfast then head out late morning for a few relaxing hours, we can accommodate.

Bug spray is a necessity in northern Maine for most of the fishing season. Mosquitoes and black flies will be the issue...there are very few ticks in this part of the country. Permethrin-treated clothing works well for some. Sunscreen, UV buff, and hat are highly recommended as well.

You should bring gear for a variety of conditions. Cold water is always a consideration in northern Maine, so please plan on that. Bring clothing for a variety of conditions. We can see snow or 80 degree weather in June. Rain gear (Gore Tex or otherwise) is highly recommended.

Please bring sunglasses, as this is a matter of safety while fly fishing, and polarized lenses will help significantly in seeing into the water.

A wading staff is HIGHLY recommended.

Waders with clean felt soles or rubber soles with studs are preferred. Please be aware of the spread of invasive and do your part to keep them from spreading by making sure they are clean or disinfected prior to your trip.

Bring your favorite fly rod, 4-6 weight with floating line is appropriate for most areas, or choose from the options we have for you.

We are happy to recommend fly patterns for you to bring and will always have a supply of our favorites on hand.

Hunting Trips

For hunting trips, expect to follow well-trained pointing dogs, who are ready to help you find the "King of the Game Birds", the ruffed grouse. You will likely see grouse and woodcock in good numbers when hunting our covers. We are happy to hunt easily accessible locations, or to follow the dogs over the ridge in search of untouched grouse coverts yet to be discovered.

Firearms safety is priority #1 with us. Our guides will brief you as to what is expected to make sure that everyone has a fun, safe trip. Double guns are preferred not just because they are traditional, but also because they're safer. A broken gun is a safe gun.

We recommend comfortable, lightweight and waterproof boots. High quality hiking/hunting footwear always help to keep the trip enjoyable. Please try to break in your footwear ahead of time. We can hike up to 10 miles a day chasing upland birds in the north Maine woods!

Brush pants are recommended but heavy pants like Carhartt, Duluth trading, or others also work well.

Eye protection is a good idea in the thick covers.

A blaze orange hat is required and a second item like vest, shooting shirt, etc. is preferred. During moose and deer season, two articles of hunter orange clothing (visible 360) are required by law for all hunters in the woods.

Bring extra clothing and make sure you have good socks! Rain gear is always recommended.

Our hunting trips are just that...hunting, not killing. If your single goal is numbers, this may not be the trip for you. Weather, hunter skill/fitness, and wildlife activity are some of the challenges which contribute to hunter success. We hunt wild birds, not preserve lands. We hunt for the love of the experience, respect for the wildlife, and the joy of preparing game for the table. We hunt for the friendship and camaraderie shared by all good sportsmen. We look forward to sharing our best season with you.

We love good spirits, but in moderation, and after the firearms have been put away for the day and everyone is off the water. Please be responsible.

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