Migrator Valley Outfitters

Migrator Valley Outfitters

Licensed outfitter
Kennett, Missouri, United States


Welcome to Migrator Valley Outfitters! We offer many various packages and waterfowl hunting opportunites across Canada and the United States. We start each year off chasing Ducks, Snows and Canada geese in Saskatchewan September-Early November. From there we spend our winters in West Texas chasing lesser canada geese and Sandhill Crane! West Texas is the go to place for your bucket list Crane hunt. We finish our Texas season the last week of January and move over to Missouri to begin the last leg of our migration chasing the snow geese back North. We wil finsh up or 9 month journey Late may as we make our way back to where it all started at our Saskatchewan Lodge!

If your an avid waterfowl hunter a trip with us is a MUST

Migrator Valley Outfitters' proudly offers WORLD CLASS Waterfowl hunting in Saskatchewan, West Texas, Mexico, Missouri and South Dakota!

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