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Numzaan Texas Safaris

Licensed outfitter
Bracketville, Texas, United States


Numzaan Texas is the Texas based hunting operation of Numzaan Safaris. Numzaan Safaris translates to ‘Mr. Safaris’ in the native tongue. Founded in 1993, owners Stef and Lenette Swanepoel, along with their three sons Jaco, Hano, and AJ, have grown their brand to international acclaim. Their love for the wild and dedication to conservation and the tradition of hunting have worked to establish Numzaan Safaris as one of South Africa’s premier outfitters. Today, this family-run enterprise offers excellent rates and booking conditions, ensuring that our valued clients receive the most comfort, peace of mind, and excitement for their money. Jaco & Mckayla Swanepoel, owners and founders of Numzaan Texas, will show you the best of hunting that Texas has to offer. With the combined experience of being in the industry in Africa and Texas, we have merged the comfort, hospitality and hunting experience from both worlds into one, right here in your backyard. Our main ranch is situated only 2.5 hours west of San Antonio International Airport, nestled between the pleasant communities of Brackettville and Uvalde, and blessed with the opportunity to see and hunt the south Texas brush country and hill country simultaneously.

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Explore other outfitters in Texas

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