Smith Farms & Cattle

Smith Farms & Cattle

Licensed outfitter
Dimmitt, Texas, United States


Welcome to Smith Farms, your premier destination for the ultimate waterfowl hunting experience in the heart of the Texas Panhandle. Nestled within the sprawling landscapes of our 50,000-acre operation, we take pride in offering the finest waterfowl hunts that combine tradition, expertise, and exceptional accommodations.

Our legacy dates back five generations, rooted in a passion for hunting that has been passed down through the ages. Dwayne, our seasoned professional waterfowl guide, developed his hunting skills from the moment he could hold a shotgun. An heir to a legacy of craftsmanship, his father, granddad, and great-granddad hand-dug pit blinds on playa lakes for goose hunting.

With over four decades of guiding under his belt, Dwayne’s expertise is unrivaled. As a fifth-generation farmer and proprietor of Smith Farms & Cattle, he oversees a sprawling operation that spans 10,000 acres. Moreover, we’ve cultivated partnerships with local farmers, allowing us to extend our reach across an additional 40,000 acres exclusively dedicated to our hunting operations.

Our operation is one we take great pride in, from the preparation, to the hunt, to the luxurious lodge, to the relationships we make during your stay. We hope to provide an unforgettable experience, and hope you'll come back and see us year after year!

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