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True Kansas Outdoors

Licensed outfitter
Burlington, Kansas, United States


When I founded True Kansas Outdoors in 2014 I strived to introduce hunters to the side of Kansas Waterfowl I have known my whole life and hunter's dream about. Waterfowl hunting is my passion and me and my guides will work tirelessly to provide you with a memorable hunting experience. To us hunting is not just a sport, it is the beauty of waking up before the break of dawn and the anticipation of what the day brings, the friendships that develop as each hunt unfolds, and the stories that are shared around camp fires and in our lodge for years to come. This is our goal day in and day out and we want every client that books a hunt with us to leave here with not only a smile on their face but with new friendships and stories that will last a lifetime.Here at TKO we are truly committed to providing each and every one of our clients a True Kansas Outdoors hunting experience.What began as a young man's love for the outdoors and waterfowl hunting here in Southeast Kansas has grown into a passion to provide truly memorable hunting experiences for all of our clients. We understand the amount of work and dedication it takes to put our clients on birds and will work tirelessly to do what it takes for every client who chooses to book us for their next hunting trip.
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Explore other outfitters in Kansas


Explore other outfitters in Kansas

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